updoot time!!! today is officially the last day of my sophomore year and i feel like im going feral because i want to get out of this place RIGH TNOW!!!!!! i am super hapi + i've been building a lego ninjago dojo set. it's this one which only costs me 100 bucks!

sadly i don't have jay or zane yet bc of the set but i didn't really want a seabound set yet since i'm only on season 8: the sons of garmadon! either way i'm just happy to have cole kai and nya in one set since they are my faves!!! not that i don't like any of the ninja, they are all the best things ever and i want to squeeze them to death tbh!

i only have one more final left rigth now so im getting pretty bored since they last 2 hours long each and i tend to finish early... when i get home i want to build more of the set and watch more ninjago, tomorrow i have therapy so it's best to get cozy!!! especially since i don't have to work this week! this week really is relaxing... none of the other places i applied to have gotten back to me yet but they're all retail so i bet it takes awhile PLUS kids are just getting out of school and looking for summer jobs now so some places haven't even started looking into their applications that are just. always. open. talk about a reason to make me paranoid. EITHER WAY YAY MY HELLHOLE IS ENDING AND I HAVE MORE TIME TO DO WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT!